Satisfaction Is Transactional, Commitment Is Relational

Caring man cupping a red heart in his hands with one hand held protectively over the top in a love, romance and nurturing concept.

What Is Commitment? It is critical to understand that loyalty and commitment are two different constructs: Loyalty is behavioral (i.e., What you buy) Commitment is emotional (i.e., How you feel about what you buy) From a marketing perspective, loyalty can be bought while commitment cannot. A person can be behaviorally loyal to your brand, using [...]

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Optimizing PPC Campaigns by Better Understanding Connotation and Motivation

Two laboratory test glass containers with blue liquid test samples

On September 10, the crew from Marketing Experiments asked a very pertinent question: How can we change our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads to improve their impact? In classic Marketing Experiments fashion, the speakers presented multiple ads with slight variations in the traditional A/B test format. Below is an example of some of the ads they tested: [...]

A Gentle Introduction to Concept Development

Marketing Concepts That Win book cover

The following is an excerpt from Marketing Concepts That Win! Save Time, Money and Work by Crafting Concepts Right the First Time by Martha Guidry. Published under license from the author. Behind every successful product or service lies a powerful concept. It is really that simple. Product and service offerings that win in the marketplace [...]

NPS Requires Much Larger Sample Sizes Than Alternatives

test your strength game

At Market Strategies, we receive all sorts of questions about Net Promoter Score (NPS): Where did it come from? What are its major pros and cons? Is it the Holy Grail of marketing research or not? I answered many of these three years ago in an article for the AMA’s Marketing Research Magazine. This post addresses the surprising [...]

Understanding TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency)

The 50 yard line of an American football field

On Tuesday, August 26, Survey Analytics asked the question “What is TURF Analysis?” Although it has nothing to do with football, it has numerous uses in media as well as product and services research. TURF (Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency) got its start in the early days of media planning, where planners sought to maximize [...]

Forget the Seat at the Table and Come off the Bench

Cowboys bench at Vikings game

As I get ready to attend the Corporate Researchers Conference next week, I’m bracing myself for the inevitable lament from researchers that they don’t have “a seat at the table”—a place of influence with senior executives. They feel they aren’t getting the respect they deserve. It’s something I’ve been hearing for much of my 25+ [...]


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To Increase Leads, See Your Offer Through Your Customers’ Eyes

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The Advantages of Cell vs. Column Comparisons in Crosstabs


The Fourth V of Big Data

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Many Measures of Social Media Influence

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Using an Insight Community to Unleash the Horsepower of an Engaged Fan

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Research Industry Index Matches Benchmark

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Consumer Co-creation Closes the Gap between Customers and Companies

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BLS Uses Meta-Feedback to Hone Its Surveys

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6 Ways Market Researchers Can Use Social Media Analytics

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Crowdsourcing Innovation from an Employee Online Community

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The Challenges of Mobile Market Research

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Do Timed Judgments of Associations Count as Implicit Research?

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NYT Sparks Controversy with Embrace of Non-Probability Surveys

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How to Link Your Customer Experience Program to Business Outcomes

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The Mere Exposure Effect: Advertising to the Subconscious

GRIT: Let's look into the future of the market research industry

Chart The Future Of Research: Take the GRIT Survey

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What Government Interest in the Facebook Emotion Experiment Means for MR

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Order Bias Is a Larger Source of Error Than You Think

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Towards A Smarter Brand Positioning Study

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Conscious or Unconscious, That Is The Question

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You Can’t Spell “Big Data” Without “V”

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8 Customer Insights That Drive Growth

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Revenue Growth of the Top 50 U.S. Market Research Firms

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The Market Size of the Frivolity Economy

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Strengths and Limitations of the Customer Effort Score

Chart of the Week

“How To” Posts

chessboard in checkmate

How to Collect Competitive Intelligence

At last week’s Insights & Strategies Conference of the Marketing Research Association, Sean Campbell of Cascade Insights discussed competitive intelligence in the age of search engines. Cascade Insights provides competitive research and market intelligence to B2B hardware, software, and high-tech services companies. Too often, companies obsess about their own customers. This blinds them to potential [...]

Dead Robots

5 Ways to Avoid Creating Dead Robot Respondents

“When the individual’s behavior and consciousness get hooked to a routine sequence of external actions, he is a dead robot, and it is time for him to die and be reborn. Time to ‘drop out,’ ‘turn on,’ and ‘tune in.’ – Dr. Timothy Leary OK, it’s no longer the 1960s, but the words of Dr. [...]

Pie Charts

Data Visualization Lesson 6: The Ultimate List of Dos and Don’ts

As part of this Research Access lesson series, we’ve explored best practices in the art and science of data visualization.  Here, I round out that discussion with the ultimate list of dos and don’ts: Dos: Start with purpose.  Before you select a data visualization tool, take a moment to put in words what you hope to show [...]

Big Data

What is “Big Data,” and What Can I Do About It?

There are a lot of buzzwords out there in market research, and Big Data is one of them. I’ve been hearing that term everywhere. I’m proud to announce that Research Access is partnering with GreenBook to bring you a webinar to help you understand Big Data. This is the first in a series of webinars [...]

20 minutes

Is the Ideal Survey Length 20 Minutes?

We’re counting down our Top 10 blog posts of 2013. Coming in at #8 is this webinar recap originally published August 8. As part of the CASRO webinar series, Inna Burdein, Ph.D., director of panel analytics with the NPD Group, discussed her research into survey length and effort. The session moderator – John Bremer, the [...]

Conduct Your Own Retail Audit Using Tablets or Smartphones

How to Do Your Own Retail Audit Using Tablets or Smartphones

As the marketing and market research world get more and more comfortable with mobile technology, there are opportunities to go beyond the traditional survey in this innovative realm. Sure, it’s easy to do your first few mobile surveys using tried and true surveys, such as a customer feedback survey or an attitude and usage study. [...]


Recruit Your Own Survey Panel

Sometimes a survey panel is exactly what you need — and for that, you can use any number of panel providers such as Peanut Labs or EMI. But sometimes, a panel can be overkill and just too expensive for your project, in which case, it’s a good idea to have recruited a panel of your very own. [...]


How to Use Polls as Part of Your Market Research Plan

Polls are an outstanding way to collect feedback and engage with your audience.  Polls have become more popular for two specific attributes: first — they don’t take much time.  You can read a poll and answer a poll in less than 10 seconds and that increases response rates.  The second reason is that polls often [...]

test your strength game

NPS Requires Much Larger Sample Sizes Than Alternatives

At Market Strategies, we receive all sorts of questions about Net Promoter Score (NPS): Where did it come from? What are its major pros and cons? Is it the Holy Grail of marketing research or not? I answered many of these three years ago in an article for the AMA’s Marketing Research Magazine. This post addresses the surprising [...]

School of Fish

How to Use Crowd Sourcing Tools to Enhance or Replace Focus Groups

Focus groups are probably the most important, yet most overlooked component of a market research plan.  Having a group of people in a room where you can watch their body language and watch their subtle reaction to questions, topics and situations is priceless when it comes to deciding which directions you will take with your market [...]


Kano Surveys Explained

Looking for a way to identify must haves, delighters and don’t need to do requirements – and are Likert scales just not doing it for you? Try a Kano survey. There is a scene in the movie Fiddler on the Roof, when the Rabbi is asked who’s right about an argument between two villagers. One [...]