Surveys a Century From Now

TARDIS in the time vortex

In a post entitled “No more surveys in 16 years?” Ray Poynter writes: Back in March 2010, I caused quite a stir with a prediction, at the UK’s MRS Conference, when I said that in 20 years we would not be conducting market research surveys. I followed my conference contribution with a more nuanced description [...]

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The Positive Effect of Negativity: The Coca-Cola Super Bowl Ad

"America Is Beautiful" Coca-Cola ad

One could argue that any PR is good PR, however we don’t think we were the only ones thinking that Coca-Cola did NOT see it coming on February 3rd – the day after the Super Bowl. We kept thinking that the brand is damaged, that sales would be affected negatively, and that some heads would [...]

To Increase Leads, See Your Offer Through Your Customers’ Eyes

Optician or optometrist consulting a customer about eyeglasses, spectacles and frames in a shop

In a recent webinar, Marketing Experiments once again opened their vault of test-and-learn scenarios and brought out an excellent example of how content can be structured to increase lead conversion. The test case in this presentation was a B2B company selling thermal image cameras. The goal was simple…increase the number of leads. The test design [...]

The Advantages of Cell vs. Column Comparisons in Crosstabs

Crosstab with cell comparisons

Consider the following table, which shows the relationship between preference for different brands of cola and age: Which cells on this table are worth examining more closely? The first answer to this question is that we should look at any cells that relate to existing hypotheses. However, more often than not, we have no hypotheses. [...]

The Fourth V of Big Data


As many of you may know, to the 3 V’s of Big Data (Volume, Velocity, Variety) has been added a 4th ‘V’- the concept of Veracity. Oh wait, apparently a 5th and 6th ‘V’ have been added – Value and Viability. A 7th? Not yet? It’s only a matter of time. I nominate vaticination. Since Veracity was suggested by [...]

Many Measures of Social Media Influence

social media influence: people around a table

It began with a simple tweet: Who are the 10 most influential #MRX #NewMR #ESOMAR #AMSRS #MRIA Tweeters at the moment? Please shout out names and RT – My call: @lennyism — RayPoynter (@RayPoynter) July 9, 2014 Ray conducted his own analysis, received four different analyses in addition, then did a meta-analysis of all of [...]


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Using an Insight Community to Unleash the Horsepower of an Engaged Fan

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Research Industry Index Matches Benchmark

"Mind the Gap" London Underground notice

Consumer Co-creation Closes the Gap between Customers and Companies

Bureau of Labor Statistics logo

BLS Uses Meta-Feedback to Hone Its Surveys

Visible Technology screenshot of Apple social media analytics

6 Ways Market Researchers Can Use Social Media Analytics

crowd around flaming stage

Crowdsourcing Innovation from an Employee Online Community

Handbook of Mobile Market Research book cover

The Challenges of Mobile Market Research

stopwatch in hand

Do Timed Judgments of Associations Count as Implicit Research?

New York Times office

NYT Sparks Controversy with Embrace of Non-Probability Surveys

money mechanism with gears

How to Link Your Customer Experience Program to Business Outcomes

Wayne's World screen capture

The Mere Exposure Effect: Advertising to the Subconscious

GRIT: Let's look into the future of the market research industry

Chart The Future Of Research: Take the GRIT Survey

Facebook screenshot

What Government Interest in the Facebook Emotion Experiment Means for MR

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Order Bias Is a Larger Source of Error Than You Think

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Towards A Smarter Brand Positioning Study

David Tennant as Hamlet with the skull of Andre Tchaikovsky as Yorick

Conscious or Unconscious, That Is The Question

Venn Diagram of Velocity, Volume, Variety

You Can’t Spell “Big Data” Without “V”

8 ball

8 Customer Insights That Drive Growth

Road sign for 50 MPH

Revenue Growth of the Top 50 U.S. Market Research Firms

frivolity economy: person swinging 6 shopping bags

The Market Size of the Frivolity Economy

Unhappy customer on phone

Strengths and Limitations of the Customer Effort Score

Designer's Table with Social Media Notes and Tools

Cutting through the Clutter of Social Media

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Co-creation: What’s in It for Consumers?

In the Moment book cover

4 Reasons to Urgently Embrace Mobile Market Research

office workers in office building at night

5 Areas Where B2B Customer Experience Disappoints

Group of Business People with Infographic Illustration Above Them

Social Media as The Database of Affinity

Advantages of Neuroscience Market Research

evolution "revolution" graffiti

Revolution or Evolution? Five Key Takeaways from the IIeX Conference

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Say Hola To 5 Hispanic American Segments

2014 Census Test

MRA Working to Defend an Accurate U.S. Census

Chart of the Week

“How To” Posts

office workers in office building at night

5 Areas Where B2B Customer Experience Disappoints

Ineffective and disorganized processes catering more to the company than its customer not only cause difficulty and frustration for customers, they detract from a company’s ability to be efficient – and in the end, more profitable. What will it take for firms to be more successful at “simple?” To help answer this question, Walker queried [...]

balanced scorecard

Using a Balanced Scorecard to Focus Your Business on What Matters

Forget what you know about the Balanced Scorecard approach. Most guides don’t really get to the point, as all they talk about are the “four perspectives” that you need to have, business objectives, and KPIs. All that is important, but what is more important is a coherent approach to using these business tools. Goals and [...]

Apple iPhone Dueling Samsung Galaxy

How Samsung Outflanked Apple Using Social Media Research

An excellent case study demonstrating the value of social media research has emerged from an unlikely source: the Apple vs. Samsung patent dispute. Documents shared as part of the court case reveal some fascinating information about how the two companies were thinking about social data in 2013. It shouldn’t still bear saying in 2014, but [...]

social media likes

Too Bad Social Media Brand Research Lies…

In many ways, the ever-expanding world of social media has been a market researcher’s dream – there are now tens of millions of willing subjects spending billions of hours telling us what they like and don’t like, and why. They share these thoughts — for free, no less! — in ways that marketers can quickly [...]

Twitter bird in hand

10 Things Survey Researchers Should Know About Twitter

We’re counting down our Top 10 blog posts of 2013. Coming in at #4 is this post originally published July 31. Over the last couple years, I’ve been looking at Twitter’s potential in survey research.  Why Twitter?  Because it’s vast, it’s fast, and it’s cheap.  Recently, at the 2013 FedCASIC Workshops, I presented ten things survey [...]

How to Choose Among Market Research Conferences

How to Choose Market Research Conferences

Market Research Conferences are Proliferating It used to be there were just a few major market research conferences every year. The decision about which ones to attend was pretty easy. Not anymore. Market research conferences have proliferated in a big way. Why? In a word – money. The conference business is big business. Well run, [...]


How Not to Get Market Research Clients

I’ve worked in many roles in market research, but never as an in-house market researcher in a corporation.  I’ve always felt bad for them in that I know they get a constant stream of suitors among would-be market research suppliers.  In particular, at conferences as it appears they’re being accosted left and right by hungry supply-side [...]

tradeoff triangle projectable innovative or simple

Projectable, Innovative or Simple? Pick Two

We asked some of our favorite bloggers to provide us a “lost gem” – a great article that deserved wider response than it received the first time it was published. This piece by Kathryn Korostoff was originally published April 15 on her Research Rockstar blog. “Cheap, fast or good. Pick two.” It’s a bit of dogma [...]

social media buttons

How Social Media Is Changing Market Research

Social media networks have drastically changed the way some businesses conduct market research, due to their increased ability to access information. This allows you to understand your ideal customer and learn effective ways to connect with him or her. Below are a few tactics that will help you utilize social networks to cut down on [...]


Data Visualization Lesson 3: Abela’s Rubric

Kudos to cartographers, glory to graphic illustrators, and applause to artists of the digital kind:  I give thanks and praise that I don’t have to draw original data graphics by hand.  (I might be the only person in America who can manage to draw a crooked bar graph using both a ruler and a level). [...]

leading brands

Digital Qual Activities that Explore ‘Brand’ as a Relationship

Prophet’s David Aaker, who has dedicated his career to understanding the phenomenon of brands, stated, “Brand is typically the most important driver of customer purchase in both B2C and B2B.” Going with Aaker’s argument, it follows that the first step at assessing brand as a driver of purchase is to come to an agreement on what [...]